The Gargoyle

"Gargoyle" is a tattooing position at Gotham Tattoos.  This position is open to self driven, highly professional tattooists. Check out the Gargoyle's tattoo portfolio. Got what it takes to be Gotham Tattoo's next Gargoyle? Think so? Then send us a PDF including your resume with references and ten clear pictures of your best tattoo work.


Are you a Seattle area tattoo artist and think you have what it takes to be a successful Gotham City inker? If you're a custom skin designer and illustrator, have an award winning portfolio and would like the opportunity to work out of Black Works Studio alongside NYARTMAN – Gotham's Inksling Super hero, then NYARTMAN wants to hear from you. NYARTMAN is always looking for a young rising dragon, a tattooer well on their way of becoming one of Gotham's most ferocious and famous tattoo artist. Gotham Tattoos can be your lair, if you can live up to the challenge.


Gotham Tattoos appreciates all types of tattooing styles but is only interested in highly driven artists who tattoo professionally. Have you been drawing every since you could lift a pencil? Do you find inspiration in science fiction movies and comics? Do you possess an art degree from one of the Nation's top art schools?  Do you like the work of Olivia De Berardinis, Joe Mad, Alphonse Mucha, Frank Frazetta, or Giger? Have you completed a tattoo apprenticeship with a recognized and respected professional tattooist? Have you developed a personal style such as new school or bio-mechanical but are capable of doing it all? Are you a fan of decorative Art Nouveau and Baroque styles, do you enjoy incorporating them in your own art. Perhaps you like to blend sci-fi and steampunk elements to achieve a mix of past and future aesthetics into your work? Has your work been published in any tattooing magazines? Are you a member of any professional associations like the Tattoo Artists Guild? If you answer "yes" to many of these questions and think you can thrive in the highly competitive tattooing scene then Gotham Tattoos wants to hear from you.


Gotham Tattoos is always on the hunt for talented tattooists, especially custom tattooists who demonstrate strong design skills who can apply those skills to the human figure. At Gotham Tattoos we place great emphasis on the individualize illustrative styles of our artist; however, we also recognizes the relevance of old school tattoo designs and techniques and appreciates tattoo artists who apply those time tested techniques in their own tattooing styles. Great tattoo design is more than a great piece of stand alone art, it must work to accentuate the human form as well as the client’s personality. This movement into illustrative tattooing can be seen in the work of many contemporary tattoo artists. If this is direction you are pursuing with your own tattooing work then contact us today.


If you're in the market for a new tattoo and want an affordable custom work of art then Gotham Tattoos is your friendly neighborhood tattoo studio. Click on the links below to see some of the work produced at our studio by previous tattooists who held the title "Gargoyle".


Gargoyle's Tattoos


Gargoyle's Artwork



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