New York City Tattoo Shop - The Rise of Gotham Tattoos


Jeremy Garrett is one of New York City's most famous tattoo artists and is the owner of the legendary Black Work Studio established in 1992 and he remembers NYC back in the 80's and early 90's. “New York City was a very different place back then” recalls Garrett, “Times Square was full of crack whores and hustlers and not the Disney Land that it is today.” He started up Black Work Studio as an illustration and comic book design studio when he was still in college at the School of Visual Arts. “I found a run down little storefront in a colorful part of the East Village known as Alphabet City. My rent was cheap due to the fact that it used to be a drug front where three dealers were shot and killed in a shoot out with New York's Finest the NYPD.”




      Garrett was offered a scholarship at both the Art Center in Pasadena, California and S.V.A. but chose to go to S.V.A. There he trained to start his career as a comic book artist and illustrator. “Ultimately, I chose gritty old NYC. In 1990, the City was full of creative energy. New York City was a dark and dangerous place then, she was Gotham. There was such diverse and edgy art being produce then, it was fantastic. I have to give Mayor Giuliani credit, he certainly cleaned up the City and turned it into the 'Safest big city' in the world but at the same time he excised her soul. It was the grit that inspired my art. Thankfully that full body underground art flavor is alive and well in the New York City tattoo scene. I've seen several trends and fads come and go in the 20 years I've been tattooing but New York City tattoo artists have never really followed the herds. While Soho seems to have forgotten what art is, NYC tattoo shops have held on to all that made the City cool. I know I'm bias but our artists are the best.”




It's this bias that lead Garrett to set up Gotham Tattoos. Since then Garrett's taken on a few artists under the Gotham Tattoos brand. Yuriy Fialko, “The Fury”, is Gotham Tattoos latest member. “Yuriy's well on his way to becoming a truly great tattooists. He's a determined individual, a natural illustrator and possesses more raw creative ability than any new tattoo artist I've seen. I'm proud to have him as part of the team.”




When asked about Gotham Tattoos' future Garrett is very forthcoming. “Tattooing has always been good to me but I've never been in this business solely for financial gain, otherwise I would have put a shop in all five boroughs and plastered the walls with tattoo flash and bongs. No, unfortunately I really have the typical artist brain vs. the shrewd business brain in this department. Producing original and innovative art has always been my goal and although I constantly feel lacking, I've continued to stubbornly hold onto these ideals. I wish I could trick my artisy fartisy brain into selling out, it would be much easier that way. It's these parameters, which will also guide Gotham Tattoos' artist. Quality custom tattooing at affordable rates without the attitude that's the order of the day at Gotham Tattoos.”









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