About Gotham Tattoos

Gotham Tattoos was started in New York City in 2010. In a city with over 30,000 licensed tattooist it's a shame that the vast majority are basically the same and produce the same boring work. Gotham Tattoos is different. We offer body art collectors a reliable place where they can get a high quality custom tattoo without being subjected to rude tattooists who act like they are doing you a favor by taking your hard earned money in return for a mediocre tattoo.

How did Gotham Tattoos end up in Washington State? In 1997 after Jeremy Garrett, a.k.a. NYARTMAN, opened his first tattoo shop in Manhattan's East Village. Shortly after that same year he took a across country trip on his motorcycle to get a true appreciation for our great country. Washington State had a lasting impact on him and at that point it became a dream of his to one day settle down in the Seattle area. That time has finally come.

At Gotham Tattoos you will not find kitschy mass produced flash sheets of lame astrology symbols and cartoon suns and moons, fit for coloring books, lining our parlor walls. Our artists specialize in custom tattooing and we are determined to serve your needs by providing you with the tattoo you envision done in our clean, precise and dynamic style.

The tattoo illustrators at Gotham Tattoos are licensed by Washington State and New York City. You will not find your typical tattoo parlor experience with pretentious tattooists on an ego trips here. Our artists are dedicated hard-core tattoo artists geeks that are laid back, highly professional and we will completely obsess over your tattoo project. Gotham Tattoos is your spasmatic tattoo shop that's fun for the whole family but we'll only ink you if your 18 years old or older (don't email us telling us that your mommy said it okay, it's not going to happen). Gotham Tattoos artists are also proud members of the Tattoo Artists Guild T.A.G. You will be assimilated into loyal fans by our out of this world artwork and inhuman customer service.



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